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Reed Fleishman Events, is our full-service AV production division for events ranging from small meetings to annual conferences with 5,000+ attendees.

We can provide all crew, large projection screens, cameras and co-produce the event. Providing graphics and audio announcements to introduce each speaker.

Reed Fleishman provides an all in one service to record and live stream events. We can handle every aspect of live streaming, virtual and hybrid events — encoding, platform configuration, registration, remote attendee support, contingency plans, and analytics.

When CNBC held an event at the The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park with VIP business executives and Jim Crammer host of CNBC "Mad Money" we were hired to film the high profile interviews for broadcast and live online streaming. 

Other clients include actor Steven Baldwin for a special event at CPAC and the director of Fox News "Sean Hannity" (the most watched cable news program) hired us for special event AV services.  When you hire us, you work with the best.

Our professional crew works on major television shows for Fox, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and many cable channels. Our field producers can conduct interviews to create marketing videos, online content and for broadcast.  We offer high quality cameras, Arri Alexa, Sony FS7 and Sony PXW-X200 Broadcast Cameras. This is the same gear we use when working with Fox on major TV shows. 

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